Pittsburgh Pirates (1891–present)
Pittsburgh Alleghenys (1887–1889)
Allegheny (1882–1886)

The Pirates have World Series titles five World Series Titles, 1909, 1925, 1960, 1971 and 1979. They have also won nine pennants.

Following the 1890 season, the Pittsburgh Allegheny signed a strong player named Lou Bierbauer who had previously played with the A.A.'s Philadelphia Athletics and who was left off of their reserve list. The Athletics called the action "piratical." Although the Alleghenys were in the right, they made sport of the Athletics charge by renaming themselves the "Pirates" for the 1891 season.

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The Great One

by Tom Clark (1976)

So long Roberto Clemente
you have joined the immortals
who've been bodysnatched
by the Bermuda Triangle

When your plane went down
it forced tears out of grown men
all over the hemisphere
Al Oliver and
even Willie Stargell cried

You had a quiet
pissed-off pride
that made your countrymen
look up to you
even if you weren't
taller than they are

No matter how many times
Manny Sanguillen
dove for your body
the sun kept going down
on his inability to find it

I just hope those Martians realize
they are claiming the rights to
far and away the greatest rightfielder
of all time